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Articles of Incorporation By-Laws CC&R
Primary Document Tract 4602 Unit #1  Mar 12, 1969
Contents of document include
A) Residential Area Land Use
B) Construction and alteration of improvements, excavations, etc
C) Enforcement
D) Jackson Oaks Association
E) General Provisions
F) Architectural Control Committee

May 15, 1969  Change approval vote from 75% to 51% after Jan 1, 2003
Sept 5, 1969    Added Tract 4691
Apr 20, 1970   Added Tract 4696
Apr 20, 1970   Added Tract 4815
July 28, 1971   Added Tract 4882
Sept 25, 1972   Added Tract 5117
Mar 28, 1973   Added Tract 5134

California Law, lastest information:
      Common Interest Developments 4000-6150
Civil Code, historical

Code 1363.03. Contains information like
(1) Provide candidate with access to information during campaign
(2) Ensure access to the common area meeting space during a campaign
(3) Specify the qualifications for candidates, procedures for nomination
(4) Specify the qualifications for voting, voting power, authenticity, validity, and effect of proxies,and the voting period for
(5) Specify a method of selecting inspectors

(6)(a) Allow the inspector, or inspectors, to appoint additional help
(6)(b) Holding secret ballot elections
(6)(c) Selecting an independent third party inspector(s), who is included in independent third party list, duties of the
inspector(s), how duties are performed
(6)(d) Definition of Proxy and instructions
(6)(e) How to prepare ballots and timing
(6)(f) Counting and tabulating ballots
(6)(g) Reporting of results of voting
(6)(h) Who holds the sealed ballots
(6)(i) Storage of ballots for more than 1 year
(6)(j) Nomination of candidates from the floor of membership meetings, write-in candidates
(6)(k) Except for the meeting to count the votes, election may be conducted entirely by mail unless otherwise specified in
the governing documents.
(6)(l) Applies to both incorporated and unincorporated associations
(6)(m) Who procedures apply to
(6)(n) Conflict resolution with Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law
(6)(o) Effective date of amendments made to this section by the act adding this subdivision shall become operative on
July 1, 2006.